Thursday, June 15, 2017

Tips When Traveling with Children

Traveling with family is one of the best ways to create good memories.  Getting together whether to enjoy the beach, another country or an amusement park can help in strengthening the bond of each member. Traveling with children can be both exciting and stressful at the same time. It is exciting especially if it is your first time and the destination you are heading to is a fun place your kids will enjoy and stressful at the same time because of worries about safety and keeping things in order. So here are a few tips from us here at MetroSix on how to travel with your kids.

Book Ahead
Book everything ahead like airport transfers, hotel accommodations, rent-a-car services and everything you’ll need upon arrival. This is to avoid long waiting times especially if you have a toddler with you. It will be hard to manage them when they are tired, hungry and bored in the middle of a hotel lobby attempt as walk-in guests and there’s no available room. 
Be Early
Get there the earlier, the better. It is frustrating to race against time with children in tow. These kids do not understand the time pressure you have to go through to reach the airport and check-in your baggage.  Being early means you can check-in first without the long lines and can take time if the children will make stops for a toilet break or do some sightseeing. It helps in preventing tantrums, too if ever they would want to buy or reach for something along the way.
Prepare for the Climate
When going abroad or any place for that matter, make sure to research and check on the climate for the dates of your stay. You wouldn’t want to bring wrong clothes and end up ruining your budget just to shop for the right ones. Also, don’t forget their vitamins or medications. That might come in handy if ever the need arises. 
Keep toys, food, books, gadget handy and anything to keep them busy
The sound of a tantrum is like having a thunderstorm can be stressful for the parents. Pack a favorite toy or book in a backpack that you can pull out if needed. Bring bite size snacks and juices for them to munch on. You may also want to try and bring new toys or books to excite them when they get bored. You can also let them watch their favorite cartoon or play their favorite games with a tablet or an iPad.

Invest in a child locator
Toddlers are not fans of backpacks with leash, or even the leash to hold their hand. They love the sense of freedom to roam around, run like there’s no tomorrow and even hide from you. With the technology being available to everyone, investing in a child locator will be a big help in tracking your child. Purchase a GPS watch for your little one; they are stylish, colorful and very helpful to keep track on them at airports, train stations and even in crowded areas. You may shop for Kids GPS Watches here >>

Traveling should be fun and relaxing. Don’t let stress ruin your family time.

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