Monday, September 7, 2015

iOS 9


The iOS 9, as announced at Worldwide Developers Conference 2015 on June 8, 2015, is the ninth release of Apple's iOS mobile operating system.

iOS 9 has many enhancements to stock applications, integrated intelligence, improved stability, speed and battery life.

Here is a rundown of its new features:

iOS 9 has a news app on the home screen from reliable sources like CNN, Wired and ESPN. It boasts beautiful editorial layouts and typography. This news app will initially be available in the US, UK, Australia and Turkey and will replace the Newsstand app.

With Notes on the new iOS 9, you will be able to easily create checklists of to-dos. You can also add more detail to your notes by adding a photo, map or URL. It lets you draw a sketch with your finger and can be synched with your other devices using iCloud. It also has advanced formatting options such as checked, bulleted, dashed and numbered lists.

The new Maps app lets you view lines and stations in selected cities around the world on the map so you can use it as a guide when using public transportation. It offers a transit view where you can see routes and directions. You can easily plan a trip on your Mac and use your iPhone or Apple Watch to follow the route or simply ask Siri for transit directions. This app also provides search results of nearby places such as restaurants, grocery stores and more.

You can quickly pay using Apple Pay via the Wallet app by simply double-clicking the home button while your iPhone is locked. This app replaces Passbook. This app also supports store loyalty or rewards cards, gift cards and debit cards.

Connect your iPhone wirelessly with CarPlay, listen to music, play audio messages, and control your car's features with this app.


This feature lets you use a new Shortcut Bar, improved editing tools, more keyboard shortcuts and Multi-Touch gestures. You can easily use a wireless keyboard with your iPad.

Slide Over lets you open a second app without closing the first app by just swiping the edge of the display. The first app then takes 66% of the screen while the second app takes 33% of the screen. The Split View feature lets you run and view 2 apps at the same time, both occupying 50% of the screen. Picture in Picture allows you to simultaneously watch a video or use FaceTime while opening another app.

Siri and Search
iOS 9 now has a smarter Siri. It offers a wider range of topics for a wide range of answers and provides more accurate answers faster. Siri also has an improved suggestion feature like show you photos of certain events or categories you specify. It can also remind you of your scheduled tasks. The iOS 9 also has an improved Search feature integrated with Siri. Siri is also capable of proactively launching apps based on when you commonly use them -- you no longer need to ask.

Longer Battery Life
Get 1 hour additional battery life on your iPad when you use iOS 9 as it can efficiently control how your iPhone or iPad utilizes power. It also has a Low Power Mode.

Smaller and More Convenient Updates
iOS 9 only takes 1.3GB as compared to the iOS 8 that takes up 4.58GB.

Improved Security
This new iOS offers six-digit passcodes and two-factor authentication, making it more secure.

iOS 9 is compatible with the following devices:

It is said to be released in fall this year but no specific dates have been announced. Check MetroSix for updates on soon to be available devices with iOS 9.