Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker

If you like listening to music, check out the new Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth speaker. It has a small, lightweight and compact design, making it very easy to bring anywhere you go. It is made from durable materials and fits in your bag, a perfect travel companion.

Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth speaker
Using Bluetooth technology, enjoy listening to music from your smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth device wirelessly up to a range of 30 feet. You can even connect up to two devices at the same time and its voice prompt instructions make Bluetooth pairing simple and easy.

This speaker is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery so you can enjoy clear, well-balanced, full-range sound for up to eight hours. Use its Micro USB port to charge and get software updates.

Manufacturer Specifications

Speaker  Height: 5.3 in (5.3 cm)
 Width: 5.0 in (12.8 cm)
 Depth: 2.1 in (8.57 cm)
 Weight: 1.25 lbs (0.57 kg)
Wall Charger  Height: 2.4 in (6.1 cm)
 Width: 1.9 in (4.7 cm)
 Depth: 0.6 in (1.5 cm)
 Cord: 59.1 in lbs (1.5 m)
Inputs/outputs  3.5 mm auxiliary input; Micro-USB port
Wireless range  up to 30 ft
Battery life  up to 8 hrs

For more information on this product, visit the Bose website.

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Apple Watch To Be Released Soon

Apple Watch: Your personal timepiece, the first of its kind to be worn with your personal touch.

Apple Watch

The long-awaited Apple Watch is finally coming into stores real soon. It is expected to join the battle in the world of smartwatch wearables in April 2015, Apple CEO Tim Cook has confirmed.

“Development for Apple Watch is right on schedule and we expect to begin shipping in April,” Cook said.

Apple Watch is the most anticipated wrist gadget — a perfect companion for your daily activities, creating a new chapter in connecting people with the use of advanced technology. Combining fashion and technology, Apple has made this device more personalized than any other products they have. The very first of its kind ever made by Apple.

There’s an Apple Watch designed for everyone. Three Apple Watch collections are made to reveal a wide range of stylistic preferences. There are different bands available through three stylistic designs. The first is the Apple Watch stainless steel or space black stainless steel case with sapphire crystal. It has a range of stylish bands. Second, the Apple Watch Sport comes with anodized aluminum case in silver or space gray that has strengthened Ion-X glass and colorful durable bands. And lastly, the Apple Watch Edition – it is designed with 18-karat gold cases in yellow or rose and sapphire crystal which is delicately crafted with bands and closures. The Apple Watch comes with two case sizes: 38mm and 42mm (1.5 and 1.7 inches) that are able to snap easily into a collection of interchangeable bands. Along with these, there are six types of custom bands. Unleash your creativity by choosing from wide array of watch faces for expression. Customize your own watch with your personal touch by changing colors, adding functionality and changing design elements.

With a new look and innovation, the Apple Watch is engineered with Retina display and Digital Crown, easier to have direct intimate ways to connect. This cutting-edge feature allows you to zoom, magnify, scroll, and select elements on the watch without covering the screen. The Digital Crown is used as the home button. You can also view many applications, listen to music, view and send messages, answer calls, send quick drawings, animated emoji, and a heartbeat, drawn directly from the Apple Watch’s screen sensors and more.

Apple Watch is built with an advance new pressure-sensing technology that allows you to track your daily activities. It can monitor how you drive whether you stay in a speed limit, measures heart rate, sleep, number of steps taken, stairs climbed and most importantly can be your personal health and fitness coach. A great number of movements can be measured by this tiny device. You can personalize your daily fitness goals you want to achieve and live a better and healthier life.
With the Apple Watch, you also have a fast, easy and yet secure way to process payment via Apple Pay. It makes it very convenient once you add your MasterCard, Visa, and American Express cards to your wallet through iTunes. You can use Apple Watch to make countless payment for over 220,000 retailers listed with Apple’s system.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Four Essential Gadgets Every Traveler Must Have

Technology has been an essential companion to most people these days. And deciding on which gadget to pack when you travel – knowing that you’ll be carrying a bunch of other things – can be quite a challenge. Aside from your tablet, smartphone and laptop, here are four of the best gadgets you have to carry with you to be more productive, to keep your devices charged and stay connected while you are away from home or from the office:
1.       Power Bank or Battery Bank
While many airports, hotel lobbies, caf├ęs and whatnot have power sockets that can be used to charge your devices, it is way better to have a portable power bank at hand. This is especially important when you’d be spending long hours on the road or someplace where electricity is not available — on an island maybe or at the top of a mountain. Thing is, you need to keep that battery bank handy to power up your gadgets.
Power Bank
ProBox 10400mAh Power Bank

2.       Universal Adapter
If you are the occasional “international” traveler, you would know the importance of having a universal adapter. It could be really frustrating if you don’t have one at hand. An adapter is a connector that changes the plug shape to match the outlet. As simple as it is, but you cannot underestimate its significance.
Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

3.       WiFi Router / Mobile Broadband
You can never miss the importance of staying connected wherever and whenever. Free Wi-Fi hotspots are often weak and not secured, leaving your devices prone to attack. You can take the risk or go prepared by carrying a WiFi Router of your own. Hotels often charge per gadget if you want to connect to their Wi-Fi. Having your own router will keep you away from additional charges, especially when you travel with a companion or with a group.
A wireless mobile broadband could be your other choice. Establish internet connection wherever you are through a mobile phone network. This means connection is supplied to you to quite a large area so long as you receive good 3g or 4g signal from the carrier you choose.
TP-Link Portable 3G/4G Wireless N Router – White

4.       Bluetooth Headphone
The way to a peaceful travel is to shut the surrounding noise. If you want to filter out the noise from the snoring person next to you, or the crying baby, or the fighting couple on the plane or on the bus, wear a Bluetooth headphone and then play your favorite song. One of the advantages of Bluetooth headphone is to keep you away from the hassle of tangling cords, especially if you have to be mindful of the so many things you are carrying.
Beats by Dr. Dre Executive Over Ear Headphone – Silver

Bonus Tip: If you want to travel light and leave your bulky and heavy laptop at home, invest on a tablet keyboard. This means less weight and less hassle.
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Monday, February 16, 2015

How to Take Better Care of your iPhone

Your iPhone is one of the things you ought to keep in good condition, especially if you want to lengthen its life as well as to ensure you still get the best resale value when you think it’s time to upgrade to a new one. 


So to make sure that your iPhone is kept in good condition, here are some simple tips:

1. Get a Case
Bumps, drops, and other accidental scenarios could cause little to serious damages to your iPhone. A case will protect your device from these. When you buy a protective case, the most important thing to consider is durability – not how fancy or how beautiful it looks. You can ask yourself what kind of a phone user are you. Do you often drop your iPhone? Do you throw it around? Make sure you choose a case based on how you treat your iPhone.
There are several types of cases and they come in many shapes, sizes, or colors. From skins, to bumpers, to clip-ons or to as simple as pouches, the important thing is the case should offer enough protection to keep your iPhone working.
2. Use a screen protector
Keep your screen free from scratches and double up on the protection using a screen protector. This is the most basic and the first thing that you need to do as soon as you get your iPhone. Scratches on your iPhone screen definitely impacts its value in the long run. So it pays to invest on screen protectors.
3. Keep your iPhone cool
If you’re using your iPhone too much, there’s a chance that it may heat too much as well. This is a common problem though. Overheating could cause a myriad of damages to your iPhone, especially the life of the battery.
The iPhone is designed to work properly between 0oC and 35oC. If you feel that your iPhone is starting to heat up, try turning it off for some time, move it to a cooler environment and then turn it on back again. Consider closing the apps that you are not using. You can do this by pressing the home button twice. You will see your most recently used apps. Swipe left to find the app you want to close and then swipe up the app’s preview to close.
4. Charge your iPhone properly
Oftentimes, users forget to pull the plug when the battery is already fully charged. Make it a habit that when it reaches 100%, pull the plug. Charging your iPhone while it is in certain cases can generate excess heat. This can affect the battery capacity so make sure that when you charge it, take it out of its case first.
Proper care and maintenance along with the other useful accessories will keep your device in good condition. The responsibility is always first on the user – how you use it and how you treat it. If you want to lengthen the life of your iPhone, be careful on using it and take care of it the best possible way you can.
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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Red & Pink Valentine’s Sale

MetroSix offers 14% discounts on selected red and pink accessories for iPods, iPhones and iPads. This promo is valid until 14th Feb. 2015, 11:59PM (UTC+08:00).
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Red and Pink Valentines Sale

GoPro HERO4 Black Gets 240FPS High-Def Slow Motion Update

This month of February marks GoPro’s release of a firmware update for their HERO4 Black camera, featuring the spectacular 240FPS High-Def Slow Motion. The new feature allows the camera to shoot high definition and slow motion at the same time!
 GoPro HERO4
Check this page to find out more about how to update your GoPro Hero4 Black camera.
GoPro HERO4 Black Features:
  • High-resolution 4K30 and 2.7K604 video and high frame rate 1080p120 video
  • 12MP Burst photos at a blistering 30 frames per second
  • New Night Photo and Night Lapse modes
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth®
  • Can connect to the GoPro App, Smart Remote2 and more
  • Mark key moments while recording with the HiLight Tag feature
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