Thursday, August 13, 2015

Apple TV vs Andoid TV

Want to view your 1080p HD movie or play your favorite mobile game saved in your phone on a big screen? Then, you might be interested in buying a TV box. There are two types of TV boxes available in the market -- the Apple TV and Android TV. Aside from compatibilities, these two TV boxes have other features that differ from each other.

Since Apple TV works with Mac or iOS devices such as iPhones and MacBooks, it allows you to show anything that’s on your iOS device or Mac on your HDTV. You can access iTunes, purchase movies, live games, music and other apps using your iOS device and view them on an HDTV. All the music, photos and videos stored in your iCloud can be played anywhere or share it with your friends wirelessly. Use your tablet as a controller to play your favorite game while viewing all the action on a big screen. It is powered by a Single-Core Apple A5 chip.

Android TVs work with Android devices and of course, there are a lot of brands of devices available out there. If Apple has iTunes Store, there’s Play Store to purchase and download apps, music and videos for your Android TV. Since Android has Open App development system, there’s more apps available versus solely getting from Apple. Unlike Apple TVs, most Android TVs have 1GB of RAM and between 4 and 8GB of ROM storage so it can be a multimedia device as well. There are different processors available for each brand and model.

Although a new version of AppleTV is rumored to be released this September 2015 where it can be controlled by the Apple Watch along with its new features, it leaves to be desired compared to Android TV’s open app.

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